Sesame Snaps, Canada's favourite delicious and nutritious on-the-go snack!

They are soooo good, we dare you to only eat one! This eat-anywhere snack is the perfect mix of sweetness and sesame seeds wrapped in a distinctive, irresistible crunch to give you a boost of energy when you need a little pick-me-up, at home or when on the go. Available in five delicious and nutritious flavours, Sesame Snaps are a better-for-you alternative to sweet snacks like cookies or candies. In fact, sesame is a long forgotten super seed loaded with wholesome nutritional value that offers a great source of Omega-6, fiber, calcium and protein. Best of all, they are gluten free and suitable for a vegan diet! Sesame Snaps single serve packets are perfect to slip into a lunch box, a purse or a gym bag for a healthier snack wherever your day takes you.

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The perfect pick-me-up, delicious Sesame Snaps Classic have been part of childhoods since the ‘70s. Extra thin and crunchy, Sesame Snaps are an easy and convenient way to add the power of sesame seeds to your daily intake.

original sesame snaps 30 g

with Quinoa

These small, gluten free, crunchy snaps feature the deliciously sweet flavour of sesame with the benefits of quinoa. Delicious and nutritious, they are an old fashioned treat enhanced with the power of today’s most popular superfood!

sesame snaps snack with quinoa 27 g

with Chia

A great snack for the those with an active lifestyle and a convenient way to get the benefits of sesame and chia when you’re camping, hiking or biking… bring them wherever your day takes you!
sesame snaps snack with chia 30 g

with Honey

If you like the nutty flavour of sesame seeds and are looking for a sweet boost of energy and nutrition, look no further than Sesame Snaps with Honey. Did you know that honey contains pro health enzymes and vitamins A, C and B? Read more about its benefits in our blog.

sesame snaps snack with honey 30 g

with Vanilla

Exquisitely delicious, Canada’s favourite snack added a touch of vanilla to make the perfect treat for when you’re craving something sweet. It’s a great addition to lunch boxes too!

sesame snaps snack with vanilla 30 g

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