Get energized in a snap!

Five experts dedicated to helping you enjoy 15 minutes of “me time” every day of the week!

You’re on the go from the minute you wake up to the time you (eventually) go to bed. Our busy lifestyles make us forget about self-care on any regular day. Enter a global pandemic to radically change the way we live, from work to our social lives, to see stress and anxiety skyrocket in both adults and children. In fact, a global Ipsos survey showed that about half of working adults say they have experienced increased anxiety around job security (56%), stress due to changes in work routines and organization (55%) or due to family pressures such as childcare (45%) as a result.


While everyone reacts differently to stressful situations, many moms we spoke with voiced how exhausted they were juggling home schooling, working remotely, sharing tight quarters with other humans 24/7, prepping three meals a day while getting their kids busy within the confines of their homes… Alone time has been out of the question for the past 18 months, and now more than ever, practicing self-care is the building block that your mind and body needs to be our best self!

To kickstart our 41st year in Canada, we partnered with five experts to help Canadians have 15 minutes of “me time” daily. From August 16 to September 17, you will find on Sesame Snaps’ Facebook and Instagram accounts content on different topics to help you breathe and get re-energized in a snap! By having a little “me time” each day with our experts, you can expect a variety of research-backed impacts including reduction in stress, improvement in job satisfaction, emotional regulation and focus. Plus, each of our experts is offering a free class and prizes that will motivate you to take a few (well deserved) minutes for yourself!


Mondays starting on Aug 16th

A Greek Canadian with a love for delicious comfort plant-based foods, Maria is on a mission to share scrumptious vegan recipes that even meat-eaters will enjoy. Her experience battling an eating disorder fueled her devotion for high-quality, nourishing, body-loving foods. She hopes to inspire Canadians to create mouthwatering fare of their own.

Join Maria for her class on Scrumptious Plant-based Foods on September 13.

Darryl Cheng

Tuesdays starting on Aug 17th

Darryl is the engineer (yes, you read that right!) behind Houseplant Journal. While many people see houseplants as décor that requires maintenance, Darryl is on a mission to share the joys of plant parenthood and help Canadians gain from the many mental health benefits that come from caring for them. The author of The New Plant Parent believes that anyone can have a green thumb and enjoy the journey of watching them thrive.

Join Darryl for his Long-term Houseplants class on September 14.


Wednesdays starting on Aug 18th

A mama of four beautiful children and married for seventeen years, Jennifer knows a thing or two about juggling busy schedules. With 20+ years of knowledge in using essential oils, she has harnessed their properties to help Canadians become healthier and stronger every day through her clean lifestyle that excludes toxic ingredients. Join Jennifer for her class on How to Use Essential Oils on September 15.

Sonya Sammut

Thursdays starting on Aug 19th

Dessert creator Sonya Sammut, who you may recognize from Chopped Canada 2015, spent years supplying her formidable creations to restaurants and cafés including Café Crew and Collective, Café Pista and Myriade. After decades of dedication to her craft, she opened her own storefront, Sachère Desserts in Montreal, where she practices not only her love of baking, but also of sharing her sweet treats with others.

Join Sonya for a 15-minute pastry class and practice your French skills on September 16.

La créatrice de desserts Sonya Sammut, que vous reconnaissez peut-être grâce à son apparition à Chopped Canada en 2015, fournie ses formidables créations à des restaurants et des cafés, notamment including Café Crew and Collective, Café Pista et Myriade. Après des années de dévouement à son métier, elle a ouvert sa propre boutique, Sachère Desserts, à Montréal, afin de partager son amour de la pâtisserie, mais aussi ses gourmandises sucrées avec les montréalais.

Rejoignez Sonya pour 15 minutes de pâtisserie le 16 septembre.

Kristi Stuart

Fridays starting on Aug 20th

Co-founder of Barre Belle, Kristi understands that in order to keep up with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you have to take care of yourself first. That’s why she, along with her friend and business partner, channeled her love for dance into a fulfilling business that provides accessible, creative and fun workouts, so anyone can get their body moving and feel their best. But don’t let the name stop you! You don’t have to be a dancer to take her class! The Barre Belle program and her upcoming class is accessible to all fitness levels; however, expect to sweat!

Join Kristi for her Booty Burner Blast on September 17.